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Light of Hope & Sajida Foundation to set up 100 School Libraries

Light of Hope Ltd. and Sajida Foundation partnered together to set up 102 School Libraries across 12 districts in Bangladesh.

The objective of the initiative is to develop reading skills, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and moral values among the underprivileged primary school-going children with the mission of preparing them with foundational and future skills.

Each school will receive 200 age-appropriate books for different grades from Class 1 to 5 and a bookshelf. The storybooks are selected covering a wide range themes from Goofi Books, WCB and publishers. The school will also receive training on how to manage the school library themselves. Provision is also kept to replace the old torn books every year so that children can continue to access the books from the school library.

The schools are located near to the Sajida Foundation’s branch offices and will be monitored by Sajida Foundation’s project team.

The pilot project is expected to impact more than 20,000 children who will improve their reading and comprehension skills, develop empathy, values and preparing themselves for the future.

With successful implementation of the pilot phase, the both organizations will scale up the project to all working areas of Sajida Foundation.

Light of Hope has been setting up school libraries since 2016 under it’s ‘Porua’ project.  We have established 525 school and community libraries and impacting over 2 lakh primary school children across 24 districts in Bangladesh.

Individual, Companies, Financial Institutes and NGOs supports ‘Porua’ project which is currently the largest private-run school library program in Bangladesh. Book collection campaigns are also organized to collect books from schools in Dhaka.

With Sajida Foundation’s partnership, we will definitely get a boost to continue its mission to bring story books to every school in Bangladesh and helping millions of children to prepare themselves for the future.

How the ‘Porua’ project is making a great impact